12 Free Movie Websites 2019 To Watch Free Movies Online

Watching movies online in free time is easily one of the best ways of entertainment among not only teenagers but also young kids or adults with jobs. Now, who has the time and money for going to the theatre every time for watching the latest movies? And it is not possible to adjust your day to day life based on the TV schedule so that you are free at the exact same time as your favourite movie is being telecasted on TV.

It is a known fact that most people prefer to sit on their sofas, grab some snacks and then stream movies online on their laptop or tablets. But did you know how tough it is to find the perfect free movie websites where you get a lot of goodies for free?  It is very tough as most movie streaming sites are used as a means of earning money thanks to the number of ads posted on them.

Fortunately for you, we have prepared a list which will give you important information about some of the best free movie websites which are famous worldwide for streaming movies online for free. So without further ado, let’s get on with this list.

Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Without Downloading

1. Xmovies8.ru

Screenshot Of Xmovies8

Xmovies8 is an exception where you get all sorts of movies whether they are latest ones or the timeless classic ones. You get a variety of categories to choose from – be it action, romantic, comedy, Sci-Fi movies, and more. It is rated as one of the best websites for streaming movies for free as it doesn’t require you to create an account or register before you view the content.

2. Yesmovies.to

Yesmovies is known for being an amazing free movie website which gives you loads of wonderful features and a huge library to choose from. Here, you get to enjoy the old classics, the latest independent movies, latest Hollywood blockbusters, motivational biopics, and more. It has a really neat interface which makes exploring this website a treat and the movies are organized in different categories which make it convenient for the users to search what they need.

3. Fmovies.se

Fmovies is a highly popular website which is filled with some of the most amazing movies and TV shows that you will ever come across. It has a neat interface which allows you to search for any movie of your choice in the search bar. One of the best features about this website is that it doesn’t ask you for any registration or to create an account. It also displays very fewer pop-ads while streaming movies. A few months back they were also promoting an anime streaming site called 9anime.

4. Cyro.se

When you talk about minimal design yet powerful content, Cyro is what comes to our mind. This amazing website has a huge library where you can choose from thousands of movies and TV shows, and once you have chosen, you can start them with just a single click. It never asks you to register or create an account for viewing the content. The number of pop-ads shown on this website is also limited.

5. TubiTV.com

Tubi TV, like most other streaming websites, gives you a huge list of amazing movies to choose from but unlike most other streaming websites, Tubi TV is actually free. When you visit this website, you can a standard interface with scrollable rows of movies that are categorized by topics and genres which make it really easy for you to pick whichever movie you want to watch.

Its interface is really easy to use be it on the mobile, web or even Roku channel. It even remembers where you left off streaming and continues from that point later. The streaming quality is also really good as you get minimum buffering or loading, though you might get free ads every now and then apart from that, this website is great for streaming movies for free.

6. Snagfilms.com

Snagfilms is another amazing free movie website which has a library of thousands of free movies and TV shows to choose from. Snagfilms have organized the movies nicely which makes it easier for the users to choose the best movies which they want to watch. They also update their libraries on a regular basis which gives the users the opportunity to watch all the latest movies. They have also made their movie app available for android.

One of the best features of this website is that all the movies in the library are available in HD quality. You can choose to watch the movies in either 720p or 1080p.

The video player that is used by this website gives you the option to perform basic tasks like modifying the volume, entering full-screen mode, changing the quality of the movie, and moving forward and backward. Unlike most other websites, Snagfilms rarely shows pop-ads which are another amazing feature of this website.

7. Viewster.com

Viewster is a wonderful movie streaming site which provides you with the latest movies, trailers, and TV shows for free. One of the best parts of this website is that not only is it free, but you don’t need to create an account to view the content.

This website has an amazing interface and browsing on this website is really easy. The homepage shows the movies which are organized in a horizontal reel and provides the details, synopsis, duration, and rating of the movies.

When the resolution is considered, most of the movies are either of the quality of DVD movies or less than that. Most movies can be viewed in full screen but few of them, when opened in full screens, showed relatively small squares in the middle of the screen. This website also displays a few ads here and there but when you consider all the aspects, this is still a decent website for streaming movies.

8. OpenCulture.com

Open culture is another website for watching movies for free. Using this website, not only do you get to watch movies but you also get the option of choosing a variety of classes to sign up for, or getting to download free e-books and lectures. It has a really neat interface which will allow you to easily search for the movies which you want to watch.

9. Archive.org

On this amazing website, you get all sorts of classic movies from the last few decades. You get a variety of categories to choose from – be it silent movies, black and white movies, feature films, stock footage, Sci-Fi movies, and more. The library stretches all the way to the time when Charlie Chaplin used to rule the screens. You can also get any classic of his anytime you want.

10. MoviesFoundOnline.com

This one is an amazing free movie website which gives you loads of wonderful features and a huge library to choose from. You can enjoy the old classics, the latest independent movies, latest Hollywood blockbusters, motivational biopics, and more. Exploring this website is really easy as it has a neat design and the movies are organised in different categories which make it convenient for the users to search what they need.

The best part is the security of being legit. Yes, these are the legal websites which you can enjoy on the web.

11. PopcornFlix.com

Popcornflix is easily one of the most viewed movies streaming sites on the internet. It has such a huge library that it will leave you in a dilemma from where to start viewing the content. It has an attractive design with all the latest movies on its homepage as it gets updated on a regular basis. It is easily one of the best websites with the most attractive web design. Not only does it look good, it also gives you the best content in high quality.

12. MovieZoot.Com

Movie Zoot is another impressive movie streaming website which lets you stream the latest movies for free. Here, you can find different genres of movies to enjoy and all of them are organized neatly. You can choose from a wide range of diverse categories like action, romantic, horror, comedy, or even a martial arts movie. It has also made some new additions to the inclusion of successful movies like Sherlock Holmes, The Three Stooges, and more.

13. ShoutFactoryTV.Com

This unique free movie website is one of a kind. It gives you access to movies such as Mystery Science 3000, the Twilight Zone, and more. Most of its users consist of Sci-Fi and Horror lovers as this website has an extensive collection of such movies. The only negative aspect of this website is that it comes with a few ads and the only access is the US region.

14. RetrovisionClassicMovies

Retrovision is another exceptional website where you can come, relax, and stream movies for free. It has thousands of movies to choose from. You get the option to choose from diverse genres such as comedy, adventure, cartoons, drama, horror, crime, Sci-Fi, and of course the classics. Most of the websites on this website have high quality but some of them might be of the quality which doesn’t please your eyes.

Ending With

These websites are legit and legal with all means. If you are afraid of breaking the copyright laws of your country then feel free to visit them without any concern. Hope you loved all these free movie websites. We’ll keep you updated with every new site.