10 Free Mp3 Songs Sites To Download Latest Songs

Listening to the word MUSIC and instantly your favorite songs hit in your mind? Well, that’s the power of music. It instantly indulges oneself into the world of music. Not a single person on the earth would deny the fact that they do not love music. Yes, the definition and liking of the music can be different but the effect and impact are the same. With the advent of online websites, there have been several sites on music which lets you listen as well as download mp3 songs either for free or paid.

But there can be several spammy websites which can lead you to trouble in future. So here we bring to you 10 of the best  Music download websites which let you download Mp3 songs very easily. Lets dug deep into them.

15 Best Music Download Websites To Download Any Song

1. SoundClick

The search for music downloading problem will come to an end once you install SoundClick to your device. Yes, the website lets music lovers download the music from the particular music artist website directly. All the artists on the websites are the ones who like their songs to be downloaded for free to their fans and music lovers. The website lets you browse through various songs lists based on genres and then you can listen to them and download for free.

Along with free music download, users can create custom radio stations, interact with other music lovers on the forum and can even get to know more about their favorite artists.

2. Jamendo

With Creative Commons Licensing, music artists let the users enjoy their music on Jamendo for free. With categories like Most popular, Latest Released, Most played, most downloads and Editor Curated lists, users can browse through several music genres.  Downloading mp3 songs of any particular artist is also very easy via searching for the artist on the platform.

Jamendo even allows users to listen to music on the radio channels available on the platform. Either a single number or the whole album can be downloaded from the website.

3. PureVolume

Tracks from popular artists like Kanye West, Skrillex, Mariah Carey and many more feature on the PureVolume platform. With a range of music of popular and emerging artists available for the users to download, PureVolume has gained immense popularity now. With website running for over 10 years now, there are around half a million of music lovers visiting the website every month.

Users can browse through Top Downloads, Featured songs, Newest albums and many more.  You can also make friends on the platform via chatting on their community forum. Songs in MP3 format can be downloaded from the platform easily and that too for free.

4. Last.fm

Having several pages for free music to download, Last.fm let users access music, tracks by artists based upon new releases,  coming soon, top downloads etc. You simply have to search for your favorite track and just a tap on the song would download it onto your device. The website lets you listen, download and even recommend certain artists or bands upon your preference.

5. ARTISTdirect

A free music streaming and downloading website, ARTISTdirect is owned by a Digital media entertainment company. Yes, all the songs are not available for free to download on the website but several pages have music which can be downloaded for free. Music genres which a user can listen to on the website are Pop, Blues, Latin, Indie rock and many more.

6. Free Music Archive

A blend of the Public domain and Creative Commons license, FMA let you download music for free from the WFMU. You can simply browse through the required music track from the songs listed, artists name or top chartbusters listed on the homepage. You have to just make a free account on it and it lets you make your own songs collections and allow chat with other listeners as well.

7. Wynk Music

Airtel, the leading network of India has its own music app and website named Wynk Music. Users who like to listen to Indian songs along with English songs, Wynk Music library has it all. The platform not only lets you listen and download the song but also manages and systematically synchronize it for you.

Songs spanning to regional, Bollywood, Hollywood songs are there in its library making it a mainstream music platform for listening and downloading. There are around 2.6 Million songs available for listeners to listen on Wynk.

8. SoundCloud

The popular streaming website, Soundcloud not only lets you listen to the music of popular artists but also let independent artists/musicians upload their songs to the masses to enjoy. Users can review and comment on any of the music they like or don’t like. They can even share it on their social media platforms. Well basically a free streaming website, Soundcloud have a limited number of free mp3 songs to be downloaded. You might have to search a bit for the same.

9. My Mixtapez Music

If you are a hip-hop music lover, My Mixtapez Music is for you. Mixtapes from famous DJs and rappers around the world can be listened to and downloaded from the platform. The app and site also allow emerging artists and DJs to put up their collection on it. Users can get hold on to various mixtapes organized systematically.

Concluding Thoughts

Above listed, music downloading website are all free to listen and download. Some of them do have a premium or upgraded version for which users have to pay. But there are enough free songs listed on each of the websites to listen and download. The music library is what users have attracted to these free mp3 websites and are quite popular among music lovers. Do download one of them if you have not done yet.